About All Nations Leadership Institute

All Nations Leadership Institute (ANLI) is a nondenominational college, affiliated with and under the cover of the Lighthouse Church of All Nations. The Institute equips men and women for ministry in a multicultural church, by teaching how to develop and maintain a “Bridge the Gap Culture” to build the Kingdom. It offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ fusing theology and leadership with tenets of diversity. ANLI takes an “in the trenches” approach to learning, integrating spiritual formation, and leadership with content and field-based experiences.
ANLI opens admission to those called to ministry regardless of academic background. The teaching staff intentionally adapts instruction to create an inclusive learning environment. Moreover, the Institute provides students with individual and college-wide support services.
Birthed in 2003 as the Lighthouse Bible College, it began with a year-long course in theology. The college quickly expanded its curriculum to meet the increasing demand for a preparatory program in multi ethnic ministry. In 2007, renamed All Nations Leadership Institute, it featured courses in theology and leadership.

All Nations Leadership Institute has grown rapidly since 2007. It now offers on campus and online course from the colleges of theology and ministry leadership. Future plans include the addition of worship.